Who Is There Here Who Still Loves Me? Mrs Patrick Campbell


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A portrait

We went round to see her in her dressing-room, and she was dark and radiant and diabolical and marvellous, and the first thing she said to me was, ' How many chins could you count from the front" MICHEÁL MAC LIAMMÓIR)

' Nowadays,' she said, they want flappers and I can'flap.' She meant one to tough and one did laugh. She meant one to share in her delighted view of herself as the actress who was finally outmoded because she couldn'flap (Giles PLAYFAIR ) Mrs Patrick Campbell , for whom Bernard Shaw wrote Pygmalion, was one of the most remarkable women of her day. She was not only, when she felt like it, a wonderful actress. She had great beauty, a prodigious wit. and a capacity for inspiring adoration, even in Shaw himself - the Joey ' of their long and extraordinary correspondence.

In this programme she is remembered by some of those who knew her, including:

Lord Chandos, Fay Compton

Alan Dent. Dame Edith Evans Sir John Gielgud

Catherine Lacey , Daisy Kennedy Mk'heal Mac Liamnioir

Giles Playfair , Athene Seyler together with recordings from the BBC Sound Archives

Compiled by PEGGY BRANFORD Narrated and produced by ALAN HAYDOCK


Unknown: Giles Playfair

Unknown: Mrs Patrick Campbell

Unknown: Bernard Shaw

Unknown: Fay Compton

Unknown: Alan Dent.

Unknown: Dame Edith Evans

Unknown: Sir John Gielgud

Unknown: Catherine Lacey

Unknown: Daisy Kennedy

Unknown: Mac Liamnioir

Unknown: Giles Playfair

Unknown: Athene Seyler

Unknown: Peggy Branford

Produced By: Alan Haydock