Who Does Dave Podmore Think He Is?



Some, though not all, cricket historians contend that 2014 marks the 1000th year of the game's existence. It's an important anniversary that takes us on a Podyssey back through the mists of cricketing time to that very first Celtic guy who picked up a stone, put it there or thereabouts, and gave it CXCIX per cent.

Pod is being helped by Andy to research his ancestry as he's on the long-list for the next series of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' - although he faces stiff competition from the likes of the announcer-bloke who says "Previously on Homeland" and Sykes the dog from Midsomer Murders.

There's certainly a lot of Pod's family history stuffed away in his garage, but it's mainly unpaid fines dating back to the birth of parking meters in 1958.

Even so, it's a start. And, as each shameful episode in the Podmore's past is unearthed, it becomes clear that his dynasty has been exploiting the game for longer than a Geoffrey Boycott anecdote. Can Pod trace his dodgy family tree back a full millennium and get himself that primetime slot on BBC1?

Producer: Jon Harvey

A Hat Trick production for BBC Radio 4.