Whispers In The Walls

New black and Asian voices from Birmingham.


01The Darkest Hour2002082620040201

By Yvonne Brissett.

In the heart of Birmingham, a young woman succumbs to jealousy when she fears her boyfriend is seeing another woman.

She takes radical action, which leads to more trouble than she could ever have anticipated.

Read by Janice Acquah

02Aqua Blue2002082720040208

By Naylah Ahmed.

A British Muslim woman finds solace in prayer until one small action changes the way she feels forever.

03One Last Time2002082820040215

by Kavita Bhanot A young Muslim girl feels she must go to the arranged marriage of her 'ex boyfriend'; it may be the only way she can move on.

Read by Shaheen Khan.

Produced by Rosemary Watts

04The Hijab2002082920040222

By Ava Ming.

Wearing the clothing of a devout Muslim woman is supposed to make one inconspicuous - but not Aisha.

05 LASTGrandfather's Feet2002083020040229

By Barrington Gordon New Black and Asian voices from Birmingham.

Arriving in England in the 50s, a strong, young African man, full of enthusiasm and hope, is keen to run for his adopted country.

Read by Neil Reidman.