Whicker Down Under

Veteran globetrotter Alan Whicker returns to Radio 2 with a six-part series in which he revisits some of the British people who have chosen to live and work in Australia.



In this programme, he meets Sarah Ferguson's sister Jane Makim, as well as a woman who cares for kangaroos, a man who cradles crocodiles, and two doctors who found love while working with the Aborigines.


The second of six programmes features the rise and fall of billionaire turned jailbird Alan Bond, and three men who introduced respectively fine wine, responsible drinking and Devonshire cream teas to Australia.


The third of six programmes focuses on four remarkable women, including a business guru with a swift right hook and a genteel brothel keeper.


The fourth of six programmes focuses on boxer Joe Bugner and on a local radio presenter who gives Alan a roasting.


The penultimate programme focuses on the Belfast man who became a senator, the garbage collector who became a top boss, and the gentle cleric on $6 a week who recognises no boss at all.

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In the last programme of the series he samples the high life, meeting the man who is bringing fine art to Australia, a socialite in a too-tight tutu, and a diplomat who sells teaspoons and $3 tours of his stately home.