When Pop And Politics Meet [Radio Scotland]

Muriel Gray learns that when the pop music business bumps into the real business of politics, the result is good music and a great story.


01Goodnight Irene2008011020080111

Muriel Gray tells the story of the American folk singers who threatened the American way of life.

02The H Bomb's Thunder2008011720080118

Muriel Gray revisits the Aldermaston Marches when Britain's middle class youth tried to ban the bomb to the sound of jazz clarinet and folk guitar.

03The Fixin' To Die Rag2008012420080125
04Rock Against Racism2008013120080201
05No Nukes2008020720080208

Muriel Gray explores how the apolitical rock set decided to protest against atomic power with their Musicians United for Safe Energy campaign in the 70s.

06Red Wedge2008021420080215

Neil Kinnock, Billy Bragg and Tom Robinson join Muriel Gray as she revisits Red Wedge, the story of British musicians who took a stand against Thatcherism.

07Free Nelson Mandela2008022120080222

Muriel Gray discovers how the Free Nelson Mandela concert in 1988 focused the world's attention on Mandela's plight and ultimately contributed to his release.

08 LAST2008022820080229

Muriel Gray with the story of how the Iraq war inspired new generations of musicians and those who had fought the fight 60 years ago to raise their voices in song.