What Is She Doing Here?

Kate Clanchy's account of her relationship with a Kosovan refugee.


01The Kosovan Woman *20080714

One spring morning Kate meets Antigona, a Kosovan refugee, on her doorstep.

  • antigona....teuta skenderi
  • directed by Jonquil Panting
  • flora....Jade Williams
  • husband....Sam Dale
  • kate....Fiona Shaw
  • mark....Chris Pavlo
  • mihane....adelayo adedayo
  • ylli....lewis lempereur-palmer

  • 02Dirty And Clean *20080715

    Kate has employed Antigona as her cleaner.

    But the concept of cleanliness means very different things to Antigona and Kate.

    03Telling The True *20080716

    Why does Antigona work 80 hours a week? And why has she lied about her past?

    04Talk Talk *20080717

    Antigona finds her long-lost family and they find the mobile phone.

    05 LASTWho Do They Think They Are? *20080718

    Flora and Mihane are two Albanian teenagers in London with a divorced mother.

    Just who are they supposed to be?