What Hetty Did

By JL Carr

Adapted for Radio by Ellen Dryden



By JL Carr

Adapted for Radio by Ellen DrydenIt is 1987.

18 year old Hetty is out of place in Jordans Bank, her Fenland home.

Intelligent and ambitious she is working for her A levels and a brighter future.

Meanwhile, her relations with her parents take a distinct turn for the worse.

  • directed by - Ellen Dryden
  • douglas....Roger May
  • hairy giant....richard matthews
  • hetty....anna hope
  • major horbling....Clive Swift
  • miss braceburn....alison skilbeck
  • mother and female voice....kate eaton
  • mother....kate eaton
  • mr birtwisle....Richard Hope
  • polly....caitlin mottram
  • professor massinger....Roger May
  • ronnie....tom harper
  • rose....Harriet Walter
  • ted....james bradshaw
  • wendy....Rachel Atkins

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    After a violent row with her father, and a startling revelation from her mother, Hetty runs away from home and takes refuge with her best friend Polly who lives at The Grange with her eccentric grandfather.

    But her vengeful father has not given up yet.


    Hetty arrives in BIRMINGHAM and meets the amazing Rose Gilpin-Jones, who begins to organise her life for her.


    Rose and Hetty bend the law a little and track down Wendy Bond-Bulliver who has some interesting information for Hetty which tells her some of the truth about herself.

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    Hetty has a successful trip to Cambridge, where the last piece of the jigsaw is put in place and everyone can look forward to a fascinating future.