Western Stars



Ash lost her singing voice when her mum died.

How can she get it back? Her boyfriend wants to settle down; her dad wants her to follow her dreams.

Aged 31 and faced with the prospect of either settling down to small-town life or pursuing her dreams of a singing career, Ash is struggling.

Her mother died some years ago - she is still coming to terms with her loss.

She hasn't sung since her mother's funeral.

Rose, her best friend and colleague at the hated nylon trouser factory, is keen they re-form their band and make a career out of music; her boyfriend Vince is pressuring her to move in with him and say goodbye to any thoughts of career in favour of family with him.

Her father, Dai, just wants his daughter to be happy.

Then Vince's get-rich scheme goes horribly wrong - one night, he is collecting a drugs drop in the bay when he crashes into Dai's boat.

Dai is killed and Ash is distraught.

The crisis deepens when Vince is arrested for manslaughter and drugs smuggling.

How will Ash cope?

Lucy Gough writes for theatre radio and television.

She wrote Hollyoaks Channel 4 for ten years and now writes for BBC drama Doctors.

She is currently under commission to Aberystwyth Arts Centre for a stage adaptation of Wuthering Heights.

She has also just been awarded a Creative Wales Award by the Arts Council.

In Western Stars, she draws on personal experience of living in a West Wales fishing village in an upbeat, music filled drama about finding our true voice.

The cast


Eiry Hughes


Vivien Care


William Thomas


Aled Pugh


Rhys ap Hywel


Rhys ap William


Polly Thomas

A BBC Cymru/Wales production.

How can she get it back?