We Outnumber You



By Ed Hime

A hand-held horror, reconstructed from amateur recordings discovered after the event, in which we relive the humiliation of a major oil company at the gala opening of their new zoo in 2013.

David - Kenneth Cranham

Roman - Luke Treadaway

Clair - Joanna Monro

Shelley - Georgia Groome

Ashifa - Vineeta Rishi

Billy....Ben Crowe

Courtney - Caroline Paterson

Craig - David Seddon

Michael - Sam Dale

Tamzin - Keely Beresford

Clive - Nigel Hastings

Presenter - Alison Pettitt

Steven - Michael Shelford

Directed by Jessica Dromgoole.

Eco-terrorists plot the humiliation of a major oil company in this hand-held horror.

We Outnumber You

A hand-held horror, reconstructed from amateur recordings discovered after the event, in which we relive the humiliation of a major oil company at the gala opening of their new zoo.


Kenneth Cranham stars in a new play by award winning radio writer Ed Hime.

As multi-national corporations emblazon the wilderness with their green credentials, eco terrorism is increasingly desperate in its measures to bring the evils of irresponsible corporate behaviour home to the populace.

David (Kenneth Cranham) is at the top of his game.

Head of Axiom Oil, he is opening a new zoo on the Isle of Wight, with his family around him; wife Claire, who will be opening for Rod Stewart at the gala concert, and son Roman, recently back on the rails following an enlightening trip to Bangladesh where he was caught in the flooding.

If Roman's wife Ashifa isn't David's ideal daughter in law, his granddaughter Alice more than makes up for it.

The zoo is dedicated to her, his legacy.

Axiom has bankrolled this state-of-the-art demonstration of environmental commitment, with a huge new electrified perimeter fence and the Ark, a purpose built centre for endangered species, with, currently, polar bears within.

An enormous wind turbine and mobile phone mast bearing the Axiom logo now stands in the centre of the zoo.

It's the night of the big opening event.

A media event, Axiom milks it for all it is worth, the zoo transformed for a gala dinner and reception.

It is inevitably the target for dissenters.

A small but vocal protest against this 'green-wash' event is taking place outside the fence, but inside there is a party atmosphere.

Following the mould of Cloverfield, Blair Witch, [rec] etc, we hear only the recordings made by people attending the event.

These include: Journalists touring the place, interviewing the notables, explaining what is going on, the security personnel's walkie talkie communication, a group of teenagers who won a competition to attend and are incessantly filming each other on their phones, someone who has worked very hard on the project, and two people who are here to ruin everything.

They are eco-terrorists determined to wreck the event at great cost to human life, and allow the world to judge them.

We hear their communications as they implement their plan.

So the story unfolds a little like Battle Royale -different isolated groups fighting for their lives in the various awful locales the zoo has to offer (reptile house, lion enclosure, gift shop, etc).

They record for different reasons - to preserve evidence, to gather valuable footage, to use a camera's night-vision feature, or simply that is what they do whenever interesting things happen to them.

We Outnumber You" shamelessly uses the disaster movie format to examine the value of human life within corporate decision making and also explore the sense of outrage and impotence felt by many people in the face of global warming.

Ed Hime has made three plays with Jessica Dromgoole.

The first, The Incomplete Recorded Works of a Dead Body, won the Prix Italia 2007.

The second, Listen to the Words, Won Best Drama in the BBC Audio and Music Awards 2008.

He is a writer on Skins.

A major oil company is humiliated at the gala opening of their new zoo."