Walking Through Landscapes [Radio Scotland]



Take a walk though any landscape in Scotland, and there's a story to be uncovered - of human lives, and the impact we've had on the land around us.

Join Iain Stewart as he walks through some of Scotland's most intriguing landscapes, guided by people who live and work in them, to uncover tales of how we've exploited, celebrated and enjoyed Scotland's forests, hills, lochs, glens and shores.

In this programme, Trees, Iain visits Ariundle oakwoods, in Sunart.

They're a lush green space, full of plant and animal life.

But they're also incredibly rich in archaeology.

Iain seeks out the stories of human and natural history the old oak trees have witnessed, discovering that if it wasn't for the demands of 18th century industry, the woods wouldn't be here today.

Iain Stewart visits Ariundle Oakwoods, a green space which owes its existence to industry.