Walking Stories

Tales celebrating some diehard pedestrians.


AR01The Rigi Klum2004081620051211

by Mark Twain.

He thought it would be an easy journey to the top, but the walker is duped.

Read by Stuart Milligan.

A week of stories that celebrate some die-hard pedestrians as they walk across the page.By Mark Twain

He thought it would be an easy journey to the top.

The walker is duped.

Ready by Stuart Milligan.

AR02Bed And Breakfast2004081720051218

by Helen Simpson.

To walk and court is the aim.

But the countryside is full of challenges.

Read by Claire Skinner

AR03The Good Soldier Svejk2004081820060108

by Jaroslav Hasek

Time to re-join the regiment - hup, two, three, four.

But where is it?

Read by Dermot Crowley

AR04The Walk2004081920060115

By Merle Collins

An easy walk for a young girl is complicated by the need to go at night and her accompanying cousin offers little protection when they encounter the 'thing' that beckons.

AR05 LASTThe Pedestrian2004082020060122

By Ray Bradbury, read by David Horovitch.

There will come a time when we won't be allowed to walk, by order of the authorities.

by Ray Bradbury.