Walk Or Die


Genome: [r4 Bd=19930405]

Burma, 1942. The Japanese were 20 miles away.

Thousands tried to escape through the jungle, over the mountains to India. David Gooderson's play draws upon the experience of survivors to tell the story of the 250-mile trek. Sunny BHASKER

Director Richard Wortley

Genome: [r4 Bd=19930405]

Director: Richard Wortley

Major Crowther RAMC: Michael Kitchen

Captain Banks: Mark Straker

Brigadier Wyatt: David King

Captain Lewis: Trevor Cooper

Corporal Wills: Nicholas Murchie

Sergeant Bilson: David Goodland

Colonel Dass: Renu Setna

Lieutenant Hunter: Matthew Morgan

Clive Popplewell: Paul Downing

Neil West: David Learner

lanMcHugh: Gordon Reid

Reverend Windrush: Eric Allan

Private Jones: Keith Drinkel

Sister: Kate Binchy

Colonel from GHQ: Terence Edmond

Staff Officer: Jonathan Adams

RAF Mechanic: Jonathan Tafler

Young English Woman: Alison Reid