Waiting For Godot



As part of Radio 3's Samuel Beckett season, a performance of his classic, Waiting for Godot.

Two tramps wait on a lonely road for the elusive Godot.

They pass the time with storytelling, and their everyday conversation takes on a universal significance.

Vladimir....Sean Barrett

Estragon....David Burke

Lucky/narrator....Nigel Anthony

Pozzo....Terence Rigby

Boy....Zachary Fox

Director John Tydeman


Samuel Beckett's play about two characters waiting for Godot, who never arrives, broke new ground in the theatre when it opened in PARIS in 1953 and then in LONDON in 1955.

In this radio version, all of Beckett's final revisions have been incorporated.

Alan Howard (Vladimir), Michael Maloney (Estragon), Stratford Johns (Pozzo), Simon Russell-Beale (Lucky), Tristan Moriarty (Boy), Geraldine McEwan (narrations).

Director Peter Wood.