The Voysey Inheritance



Harley Granville Barker's classic 1905 play, The Voysey Inheritance.

Edward discovers that in inheriting his father's impressive family business, he is inheriting a Ponzi scheme. For years his father has been making free with clients' capital and speculating recklessly, as his own father did before him. Edward must decide whether to continue the business and try to put matters right - a seemingly impossible task - or to expose the crime and bring his family to certain ruin.

With Samuel Barnett as Edward and Clive Merrison as Mr. Voysey.

Edward....Samuel Barnett

Mr Voysey....Clive Merrison

Mr George Booth....Gawn Grainger

Trenchard Voysey....Richard Dillane

Major Booth Vosey....Alan Cox

Denis Tregoning....Joseph Arkley

Mrs Voysey....Phyllida Law

Honor Voysey....Amanda Lawrence

Peacey....Paul Moriarty

The Voysey Inheritance was adapted for radio and directed by Lu Kemp.

Edward discovers the family business he is inheriting has been defrauding its clients.