Vox Pop

A series of perspectives from a quartet of highly opinionated pundits.


01Sad Songs Say So Much20040608

Fi Glover ponders why ballads are so awful and yet so uniquely appealing.

02Harmony In My Head...20040615

A Classical Musician's Journey Through Pop

Classical conductor, Charles Hazlewood, will attempt to take the bonnet off pop to see what makes it tick.

03Middle-age Spread20040622

Musicologist and broadcaster David Hepworth chairs a debate about the effect of the most potent new force in the pop market: the rise of the middle aged music buyer.

04 LASTRock's Beating Art20040629

Critic Paul Morley outlines a parallel history of rock music, not the one which stems from Chuck Berry and Elvis, but instead originating in the experimental music of John Cage