Visiting Julia

Peter Tinniswood's six-part gentle comedy drama series.
With Keith Barron as Roger and Liz Goulding as Julia, and Shirley Dixon.


01Next Time I'll Kiss Her1998020419981006

Roger is a writer of children's books. His wife, Julia, is in hospital. Life is not without its complications - or its temptations.

02If The Truth Be Known1998021119981013

Roger's wife is still in hospital. More complications and temptations arise.

03Other People1998021819981020

Mother-in-law's friend Otto insists on visiting Julia too.

04I Should Have Had The Sausages1998022519981027

Too many people decide to visit Julia.


The complications in Julia's life are not just medical ones.

06 LASTOuch!1998031119981110

Julia is coming home, but only just in time.