Virtual Stars



Hardeep Singh Kohli discovers and explores diverse characters from the UK who have escaped mainstream celebrity, but who connect with millions of people across the globe as professional video bloggers and teachers.

YouTube and its associated personalities are a cultural phenomenon of growing significance. The 'personalities' are the people or groups who have come to prominence through their videos on the website. Their associated online pages and channels have massive hit rates and subscriptions into the millions. The videos range from personal video diaries, through entertainment parodies, to tutorials of all types.

The 'virtual stars' reflect a diverse range of online consumers - from young teenagers to the older generation.

Hardeep sets out to find out what it is that brings people to their sites - content, character or something else? He asks what it is that makes these people so successful in their domains, the effects of this and the monetary implications.

Can Hardeep be convinced that this is a new alternative road to celebrity, fame and public exposure?

Produced by Paul Thomas

A Three Street Media production for BBC Radio 4.