A View With A Room

Five programmes about quirky, grand or handsome hotels that have made their mark on history.


01Rannoch Moor Hotel1998071319990222

The construction of a railway across the vast Rannoch Moor in the Western Highlands just over a hundred years ago, resulting in the building of a small hotel in one of Scotland's wildest and remotest regions.

02The Birth Of Rolls Royce1998071419990205

When the luxury Midland Hotel opened in 1903, two lunch guests were Henry Royce and his new acquaintance, the Hon Charles Rolls.

At this meeting, a great British car was born.

03The Columbia Hotel19980715

Rock 'n' rollers Julian Cope and Simple Minds explain an old-fashioned, very British hotel is their favourite place to stay.

04Burgh Island Hotel.19980716
05 LASTThe George Hotel19980717

in Huddersfield.