The Vicar, The Automaton And The Talking Dog



The Vicar, The Automaton and The Talking Dog

by Lavinia Murray

Using a mixture of fact and fantasy, this is an extraordinary day in the life of Alexander Graham Bell as a child, where we discover the roots of his genius, and how his mother's impending deafness helped lead him to his invention of the telephone. Aleck, with the help of his friend and brother, made an automaton that could say 'Mama' and further, he manipulated his dog's throat and mouth so he indeed had a talking dog.

Produced and Directed by Pauline Harris

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We begin with a symphony of various telephone rings through the ages brought to us on a light Scottish breeze, and then we cut to answer machine. We see the stark difference between Bell's world of sound and his mother's world into silence. This is a drama not without humour, fascinating, illuminating and enchanting; providing a real, dramatic insight into the roots of a scientific genius, told with imagination and originality, and created especially for radio.