Vic Reeves' House Arrest

Vic Reeves stars in a new comedy sketch show for Radio 2, which sees him paired up with his old partner, Bob Mortimer, for the first time in six years. Noel Fielding, from The Mighty Boosh, and Nancy Sorrell also star. Each show sees Vic being put under house arrest for a wacky crime he didn't commit.



Vic tries to wake up the street in a slightly unusual manner; attempts to dress his pet walrus in some party gear, listens to his unusual record collection and tries to play The Legendary Stardust Cowboy.


Vic wakes the street up with the help of a cannon and once again frustrates the local vicar. He gives work to a local vagrant (played by Noel Fielding), which this week involves Vic's birds, and watches a terrible TV quiz show.


The alleged crime this week involves Jeremy Clarkson's underwear. Vic also tries to dress his pet pig in a new pair of trousers.


Vic watches a very unusual TV edition of Superman featuring a character from Coronation Street.


Vic begins his day by waking up the street with a bit of help from his extensive drum collection.

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Vic wakes up the street with the aid of a few rockets and causes a minor war with the local vicar.