A Very Scottish Homecoming

To celebrate Scotland's year of Homecoming, Aasmah Mir explores five themes that have been chosen to encapsulate the Scottish contribution to the world.



Aasmah finds out if whisky is still as popular a drink among Scots as its vital contribution to the economy might suggest.

Is whisky still as popular among Scots as it is vital to the economy?


Aasmah visits the Open golf championship at Turnberry to discover if the sport invented by Scots is still a valid theme for celebration in the Scottish year of Homecoming.

03Great Minds20091125

Scottish inventors have made a huge contribution to the world, from the steam engine to the telephone; but what has Scotland done for the world lately? Aasmah finds out if Scotland still has the spirit of invention.


Scottish immigrants have had an impact all over the world; now, more and more of their descendents are returning to rediscover their roots - especially in this special year of Homecoming.

Aasmah talks to those visiting for the celebrations to find out if their image of Scotland is realistic or one clouded by myth and romance.

05 LASTRobert Burns20091127

Scotland's year of Homecoming has been inspired by the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns' birth.

Aasmah asks what Burns' real legacy is - his body of work or the social principles he celebrated?