Utrecht Early Music Festival 2008

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Lucie Skeaping presents a programme of highlights from the 2008 Utrecht Festival.

With young British vocal ensemble Stile Antico performing motets inspired by the words of the Song of Songs as well as works by Guerrero, Victoria and Gombert.


(All music performed by Stile Antico)

Jacobus Clemens Non Papa: Ego flos campi

  • francisco guerrero: trahe me post te
  • francsico guerrero: surge propera
  • jean lheritier: nigra sum
  • nicolas gombert: quam pulchra es
  • rodrigo de ceballos: hortus conclusus
  • sebastian de vivanco: veni, dilecte mi
  • segue to:
  • tomas luis de victoria: vadam et circuibo
  • tomas luis de victoria: vidi speciosam.

    motet settings of the song of songs performed by stile antico