Two Pipe Problem 2010

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01Right Old Charlie20100622Written by Michael Chaplin.|We revisit The Old Beeches retirement home for members of the theatrical profession and discover that new odd job man Geordie is making care assistant Karen's heart beat faster, but is he hiding something from her?|Ageing, once-famous stand up comic Charlie Fisher regales the inmates with a few too many very old gags, but when his joke book and a large sum of money go missing, resident sleuths Sandy and William have a few tough questions to ask of the inmates, the new odd job man, and Charlie himself.|The story is spiced up delightfully with some really vintage gags in a classic stand up routine from Radio 4's much loved comedian Barry Cryer, joining Richard Briers, Stanley Baxter, Edna Dore and all the regular inmates in a new set of two pipe problems.|Cast|William Parnes - Richard Briers|Sandy Boyle - Stanley Baxter|Charlie Fisher - Barry Cryer|Karen - Teresa Gallagher|Hatty Doran - Edna Dore|Mary Winter (Matron) - Jillie Meers|Edgar - David Shaw-Parker|Geordie - Joe Caffrey|Director: Marilyn Imrie|A Catherine Bailey Production for BBC Radio 4.|Karen fancies odd job man Geordie, and comic Charlie's joke book vanishes.
02 LASTThe Memory Man Forgets20100623Written by Michael Chaplin.|Billy Small (played by David Holt) is a rare talent; one of the few surviving Memory Men" Music Hall variety acts who had total recall of a huge range of entertaining facts.|Billy is 85, and after a trip home to his native Yorkshire, he returns to The Old Beeches totally devoid of any memory of who he is or of any of the amazing facts he used to be so proud to display.|Our resident sleuths William and Sandy fancy a mini break away from the Home, and take Billy back to Little Fell, the old mining town where he grew up.|There they meet his daughter and his granddaughter, but discover that Billy not only alienated the whole mining community during the last miners' strike by supporting his pitman son in returning to work, but appears now to have lost the love and support of his daughter.|Can William and Sandy solve the problem?|Cast|William Parnes - Richard Briers|Sandy Boyle - Stanley Baxter|Billy Small - David Holt|Karen/Shelley - Teresa Gallagher|Railway Man/Harry - Geoffrey Whitehead|Myra - Julia Ford|Rose - Anne Reid|Director: Marilyn Imrie|A Catherine Bailey Production for BBC Radio 4.|After a trip home, The Old Beeches' memory man returns with no memory."