Twenty Players

Six programmes featuring forgotten sporting heroes.


Genome: [r4 Bd=19970611]

The second of six characters in the collection of fictional sporting heroes. Written by Simon Bullivant Producer Richard Wilson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19970611]

Written By: Simon Bullivant

Producer: Richard Wilson


John Motson tells the story of football tactician and part-time archaeologist `Ample' Arthur Cartwright.

01Gentleman Jack Perkins20150929 (BBC7)

Des Lynam tells the story a turn-of-the-century boxing toff who never quite made it. From May 1995.

02Doug And Demelza Davidson20151006 (BBC7)

Forgotten sporting heroes. David Vine tells the story of Britain's most intrepid mixed lugers. From May 1995.

03Archie Mcgillivray20151013 (BBC7)

Forgotten sporting heroes. Tony Gubba tells the story of the world's greatest golfing balloonist. From May 1995.

04Gertrude Trelawny Ferris20151020 (BBC7)

Forgotten sporting heroes. Gerald Sinstadt tells the story of the sporting all-rounder Gertrude Trelawny Ferris. From June 1995.

05Frankie Swoop20151027 (BBC7)

Forgotten sporting heroes. Barry Davies tells the story of a most precociously talentless footballer. From June 1995.

06Hugo De Vries20151103 (BBC7)

Forgotten sporting heroes. Steve Rider tells the story of the reckless but exciting racing driver. From June 1995.

06 LAST19970709
0201'ample' Arthur Cartwright20151208 (BBC7)

Forgotten sporting heroes. John Motson tells the story of the football tactician and part-time archaeologist. From June 1997.

0202Terry Framwell20151215 (BBC7)

Forgotten sporting heroes. Dougie Donnelly tells the story of probably the best one-legged bowls player ever. From June 1997.

0203Pigeonmilk Bob20151222 (BBC7)

Forgotten sporting heroes. Gerald Sinstadt tells the story of Eric Sarby and his prize-winning greyhound. From June 1997.

0204Sister Agnes Brown20151229 (BBC7)

Forgotten sporting heroes. Cliff Morgan tells the story of one of rugby's great coaches, Sister Agnes Brown. From June 1997.

0205Mr Wellesley Fagge20160105 (BBC7)

Forgotten sporting heroes. Jonathan Agnew tells the story of a nearly great amateur cricketer, Wellesley Fagge. From July 1997.

0206Lady Cassandra Moon20160112 (BBC7)

Forgotten sporting heroes. Ted Lowe tells the story of billiards sensation, Lady Cassandra Moon. From July 1997.