Turn On Turn Off - Drugs That Changed The World

A four-part series about the science behind some of the world's most important and powerful drugs, presented by Professor Susan Greenfield.


0101Mind Benders1998091519990509

From LSD to Ecstasy, psychedelic drugs can have startling effects on perception, but do we understand what they do to our brains?

0102Pain Killers1998092219990516

A look at the impact of analgesia, the chemistry behind morphine and the nature of drug addiction.


3: `Baby-Blockers'.

Is there such a thing as the perfect drug? Many thought so when the contraceptive pill emerged 30 years ago.

But just how does it work and what happened to the promise of the male pill?

0104 LASTMood Makers1998100619990530

The action of anti-depressant drugs - have we become an unhappier society, and if so, what is the solution?