Tuning Up At Dawn

Philip Jackson reads the memoirs of musician and designer Tomas Graves, son of the poet Robert Graves.


01Deia View20041122

Having been brought up on Majorca and lived there for most of his adult life, this memoir explores the parts of the holiday island and its culture that tourists don't reach.

02Honeymoon Island20041123

Although aways a destination for the artistic community, three wars - World War One, the Spanish Civil War and World War Two - took their toll on Majorca's tourist trade.

Clearly, a little marketing was required.

03Little Rocks In The Sea20041124

The death of General Franco precipitated a major shift in Spanish culture which reverberated throughout the mainland.

But Franco had been governor of Majorca, and in the villages who supported him, party politics doesn't exist.

04The Second Most Famous Unknown Band In The World20041125

The life of the peripatetic musician is the same the whole world over, but at least in Majorca the weather's good.

05 LASTThe Big One20041126

1992 saw three major international events - the Olympics, an Expo and Madrid as Cultural Capital of Europe.

Tomas documents how it marked a coming out party for the nation after a rather difficult adolescence.