Tuning Into Children

Kirsty Wark examines issues affecting child development.

Series 1 is from birth to five years, series 2 is from five- to nine-year-old.

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0101Time To Talk, Time To Play1999021519990829Kirsty Wark examines issues affecting child development.|Series 1 is from birth to five years, series 2 is from five- to nine-year-old.The stimulation that a baby receives in its first few months has far-reaching consequences for the development of its brain.
0102Being Who You Are1999022219990905How children develop a healthy sense of their own identity.
0103Mums And Dads1999030119990912How children become aware of gender and sexuality.
0104Saying It Aloud1999030819990919On becoming articulate and literate.
0105Onward And Upward1999031519990926Learning through play.
0106 LASTComings And Goings1999032219991003Dealing with separation sensitivity.
0201Making Friends And Falling Out20000126
0202Because I Say So20000202What children think of the rules that govern their lives at school and at home.
0203You And Me20000209How children acquire a sense of identity and develop prejudices.
0204My Mum Will Kill Me If She Finds Out20000216Sex, smoking and drugs - how children make sense of an adult world.
0205On Your Marks20000223How the race for academic achievement affects young children.|Are boys more likely to suffer than girls?
0206 LASTGoing With The Grain20000301How to tune into a child's natural intelligence and style of learning.