Truth Be Told



Helen Zaltzman invites brave members of the public to take to the stage in front of a live audience to tell a true personal story of escape.

We hear three people fighting their way out of difficult situations - a late-night attack in a phone box, being swept out to sea by a strong current, and the unusual advances of a surgeon with a bladder fetish.

Funny, sometimes shocking and all true, these are remarkable tales of life-changing experiences.

Truth Be Told features stories first told at live storytelling nights across the UK including Spark London, The Moth and Natural Born Storytellers.

Presenter: Helen Zaltzman

Contributors: Jane Walshe, Nav Chawla and David Dinnell

Sound Engineers: Gerry O'Riordan and Tom Burchell

Producer: Matt Hill

Executive Producer: Dirk Maggs

A PPM production for BBC Radio 4.