Troubling Children

Philip Dodd presents four programmes examining how children have been depicted in the arts in the 20th century and earlier and why the symbol of the child has been so potent.


01Crossing The Centuries20000417

From Victorian idyll to `The Turn of the Screw' and fashion photography - how the 19th-century concern with the child became a distinctive modern preoccupation.

02The Child Within20000418

Psychoanalysis is born, and the search for innocence obsesses artists like Picasso, who said that he had to learn to draw like a child.

But can childhood ever truly be recreated by an adult?

03Troubling Desire20000419

In Britten's great operas and William Golding's `Lord of the Flies', children become a troubling and desirable presence.

How and why does the symbol of the child become an eerie force in 20th-century art?

04 LASTDark Nights Of The Soul20000420

In contemporary culture, from horror films to modern novels, children are no longer angels, but damaged and dangerous.

With children participating in acts like the murder of James Bulger, artists are now reflecting on whether they can be devils.