Trouble With Tourists [Radio Wales]

Travel writer Mike Parker takes an opinionated look at tourism in Wales.




The Future of Tourism in Wales: How Welsh is Welsh tourism allowed to be, and what are the prospects for the future? Presented by travel writer Mike Parker.

01The Picturesque2007061020070614

How the Picturesque movement and the Welsh landscape gave birth to modern-day tourism.

02Health And Spa2007061720070621

How health has affected holidays: the rise of the spa town and modern-day pampering.

03The Seaside Resort:2007062420070628

Loud, brash and as salty as a tray of chips.

04Adventure And Adrenalin Tourism2007070120070705

High-adrenalin sports and adventure activities are a growth area within the Welsh tourism industry.

Presented by travel writer Mike Parker

05Heritage Tourism20070708

To what extent can heritage tourism reinvigorate deprived areas such as the South Wales Valleys? Presented by travel writer Mike Parker.

05Heritage Tourism20070712