Trouble Man



Sadly Marvin Gaye died on 1st April, 1984, the day before his 45th Birthday - it will be 30 years since his death at the hands of his father.

Janis Gaye (Marvin Gaye's second wife, and mother to his children Nona and Frankie) takes us on a very personal journey to reveal the real Marvin. She shares with us how he was a Troubled Man for most of his life; possibly clinically depressed, with feelings of inadequacy and self-hatred, as well as loving himself above all else. He was a complex man with many inner conflicts, family conflicts plus a growing dependency on cocaine; but at the same time a loving husband and father, and of course, a musical genius.

This is Jan's story...

With contributions from Marvin's youngest sister Zeola, also music writers David Nathan and Adam White, Motown singer Smokey Robinson, former Motown press officer in the UK Bob Fisher, and ex-promotions man Roger St Pierre who all met Marvin Gaye at various times in his career. Plus Harry Weinger of Universal Music in New York who deals with the re-issues of the Motown catalogue - and the documentary includes an exclusive clip of a never released before song of Marvin's from 1972 - Woman of the World. A special edition of the track will be available in May to celebrate Marvin's 75th Birthday. Bryan Tyrell Clark is playing the role of Marvin in the successful Motown Musical currently on Broadway.