A Tribute To Mr Purcell


01Purcell And Royalty2009031620091116

Purcell biographer Jonathan Keates places the composer's life and music in the context of the changes of monarch as Charles II was succeeded by James II and then William and Mary.

Jonathan Keates on Purcell and the different monarchs for whom he worked.

02Purcell In Performance2009031720091117

Andrew Parrott, who has been at the forefront of the early music movement in the UK as both a performer and a scholar, discusses his research into Hail! bright Cecilia and other Purcell works, and how these inform his approach in performance.

Andrew Parrott on researching and performing Purcell's Hail! bright Cecilia.

03Purcell On The Stage2009031820091118

Roger Savage, formerly a senior lecturer in literature at Edinburgh University, examines Purcell's musical creations for the theatre and how we perceive them today.

Roger Savage on Purcell's musical creations for the theatre.

04Purcell's Reputation2009031920091119

Andrew Pinnock combines his skills as a Purcell scholar and a cultural economist to find out why Purcell's reputation is greater than that of his contemporaries, and how Purcell the entrepreneur helped engender his own fame.

Andrew Pinnock on how Purcell's skills as an entrepreneur helped enhance his reputation.

05 LASTPurcell Re-interpreted2009032020091120

Nicholas Kenyon, managing director of the Barbican Centre in London, looks back at how Purcell's music has been preserved, revived and interpreted, and considers how his standing among composers has been affected by recent developments in our reception of his music.

Nicholas Kenyon on how Purcell's music has been preserved, revived and interpreted.