The Treasure Chest

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AR01Tales Of Life And Death2009021020110109
AR02Tales Of Wisdom And Common Sense2009021120110116

A doctor suggests a surprisingly effective cure, and a barber's boy gets the better of a difficult customer.

AR03 LASTTales Of Cunning2009021220110123

A soldier is married on sentry duty, and Dr Rapunzius sells some amazing toothache pills.

An enduring classic of German literature, The Treasure Chest by Johann Peter Hebel (pub.1811) is a collection of pithy comic anecdotes, mysteries and moral tales full of sanity, wit and good humour.

A soldier gets married while on sentry duty; and Dr Rapunzius sells some amazing toothache pills.

Translated by John Hibberd and abridged by Roy Apps.

Read by Mark Williams

Producer/Director: David Blount

A Pier Production for BBC Radio 4

Producer David Blount.