Travels On The Dance Floor

Grevel Lindop reads from his account of how he took up salsa dancing, became hooked on it and embarked upon an odyssey to explore its roots.


01Cuba Libre *20080811

Grevel tries salsa on a whim and is immediately entranced by its sexual charge.

Without his wife, he travels to Havana.

There he meets Geldys, whose influence will remain with him forever.

02The Peanut's Like That *20080812

In Caracas and Bogota, Grevel's Manchester style of dancing fails to win over the locals.

A Latin Marilyn Monroe sets him right.

03Rumba City *20080813

Grevel learns rumba with Maria, who shows him what she does with Carlos.

He moves on to Juanchito, a suburb of the salsa-dominsted city of Cali.

04Rabia *20080814

In Puerto Rico, Grevel learns that dedicated salsa dancers need a little madness.

05 LASTCandy Car Wash *20080815

In the Dominican Republic, Grevel finds an unlikely venue.

On his return to Manchester, he no longer dances like an Englishman, but what will his wife make of the new Grevel?