Travel Stories

Five writers search for their identities.


01India Lite20051107

By Sonali Bhattacharyya.

In 1993, the teenage Sonali was taken on a family holiday to India.

Here she joins a rowdy, local tour group to a sanitised ashram, with Caucasian devotees drinking cafe lattes and practising 'Zennis'.

Sonali....Michelle Lobo

Dad....Nicholas Khan

Driver/Rajneesh....Shammi Aulakh

Directed by Shabina Aslam.

02Scattered Experiences20051108

By Malika Booker.

Malika regularly island hops in the Caribbean, visiting her mother in Grenada and her father in Guyana, while making pit stops in Trinidad.

This is a catalogue of her experiences.

Malika....Malika Booker

Malika's mother....Debra Michaels

Customs officers....Delroy Brown

Director Shabina Aslam.

03The Lost City20051109

By Amman Brar.

About to expire from boredom in Hounslow, Amman runs away to Machu Picchu.

In reaching for this lost city, Amman begins to find others like himself.

Amman....Nicholas Khan

Carolina....Colleen Prendergast

Ajeet....Shammi Aulakh

Guide/captain....Delroy Brown

Directed by Shabina Aslam.

04Red Guard, Yellow Submarine20051110

On a trip to China, a teenage girl is persuaded to fit in by swapping her platform heels and cosmetics for a Mao suit and scrubbed face.

Anna reluctantly complies, but for her white mother, blending in is not so easy.

  • anna....anna chen
  • director Pam Fraser Solomon
  • mr shang....kwong loke
  • mum....Carolyn Pickles
  • by.... - anna chen

  • 05 LASTWalking The Ramparts20051111

    While working in Ghana, Bonnie decides to visit Elmina Castle, a slave fort.

    However, before she can begin to explore her strong emotions, she must first try to understand her eccentric, self-appointed tour guide.

  • dietrich schiller....tim bentnick
  • director pam fraser solomon
  • koffi....jude akuwudike
  • narrator....bonnie greer
  • by.... - bonnie greer