Transgender Lives [Radio Scotland]


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Jo Clifford talks to Scottish trans people and hears stories of love, fear and transition.

One day a child totters up to a mirror, looks into the glass, and doesn't recognise the person looking back at them.

This is common for those in the Transgender community - people who are born into a physical body that does not reflect their true gender identity.

Playwright Jo Clifford knows all too well the confusion and fear of this early realisation, and how the journey to live in your real gender affects every aspect of life, for she transitioned herself several years ago. Her experience was very much in the public eye, but there are people all over Scotland who have not had their stories told.

Now she talks with transgender people from all across the country, sharing their experiences of coming out to those they love, learning to overcome hostility and find acceptance in the wider world, concerns about health care, and how life changes for the better when they can finally recognise the person looking back at them from the mirror.