Tragic Comedian Charles Dickens, The

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19700602A centenary portrait compiled, written, and narrated by PHILIP COLLINS with Paul Rogers as Dickens and MARGOT BOYD , MADI HEDD|DEBORAH DALLAS, JAMES THOMASON SEAN ARNOLD , ROGER SNOWDON and HENRY STAMPER|He liked to cheer the world - yet, at the same time, he has. told me that he preferred the power of making the world cry rather than laugh|(HON MRS RICHARD WATSON )|Produced by DAVID DAVIS|(Paul Rogers is in ' The Happy Apple ' at the Apollo, London)


Unknown: Philip Collins|Unknown: Paul Rogers|Unknown: Margot Boyd|Unknown: James Thomason|Unknown: Sean Arnold|Unknown: Roger Snowdon|Unknown: Henry Stamper|Unknown: Richard Watson|Produced By: Paul Rogers