Tom's Midnight Garden [Reading]

Cheryl Campbell reads Philippa Pearce's children's classic.


01The Clock Strikes Thirteen20080825 (BBC7)

Tom is sent to his Aunt and Uncle's for the summer holidays.

02By Moonlight20080826 (BBC7)

When the clock strikes 13, what will Tom find at the back of the house? And is it for real?

03Through A Door20080827 (BBC7)

Tom starts to visit the garden regularly.

He can see the residents of the house, but can they see him?

04Hatty!20080828 (BBC7)

Tom finally makes contact.

05The Geese20080829 (BBC7)

There's chaos in the garden and the truth about Hatty's situation is revealed.

06The Tree House20080901 (BBC7)

Cheryl Campbell reads Philippa Pearce's classic tale.

Is Hatty a ghost? Is the garden a ghost? Is Tom a ghost?

07The Secret Of The Clock20080902 (BBC7)

Has Hatty recovered from her fall? What is the news from home?

08Time No Longer20080903 (BBC7)

Hatty reveals the secret of the clock and Tom conducts a daring experiment with Time.

09Skating To Ely20080904 (BBC7)

Hatty and Tom take to the ice, but there's a revelation waiting for our young time traveller.

10 LASTThe Last Change20080905 (BBC7)

All is finally revealed about Hatty and the Garden.