Tokyo Vice

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0120100726A young American journalist starts work as a crime reporter for Tokyo's biggest newspaper.|It's never a smart idea to get on the bad side of the Yamagushi-gumi, Japan's largest organized crime group.|But when Jake Adelstein, a student from New Jersey, decides to join Japan's largest daily newspaper as a crime reporter, it isn't long before his investigations earn him some powerful enemies.
0220100727Jake Adelstein seeks advice from a crime reporter before going out on his first assignment|Jake Adelstein seeks advice from a legendary crime writer on how to approach his new job on Japan's largest daily newspaper.|He quickly realises that life covering the organized crime beat is likely to be anything but straightforward.
0320100728Reporter Jake Adelstein finds out about the history of the yakuza, the Japanese mafia.|Crime reporter Jake Adelstein begins to uncover the history of the Japanese mafia.|He is amazed at how they seem to operate in broad daylight, and that their activities affect a broad range of businesses in the modern Japanese economy.
0420100729Crime reporter Jake Adelstein comes face to face with an organised crime boss.|When Jake Adelstein is summoned to a meeting with one of the bosses of the local yakuza, he is both surprised and more than a little wary.|And when he arrives at the rendezvous he is astonished to be asked to help settle a delicate problem.|Although he has no intention of getting involved in the boss's affairs or ever owing him a favour, he discovers there are advantages to having a yakuza in your debt.
05 LAST20100730Reporter Jake Adelstein is invited to spend the night as a host in a Japanese night club in the red light district of Tokyo.|And he discovers some surprises, not only amongst the type of customers who are willing to pay for the service in modern Japan, but the reasons these women feel the need to pay for company.