To Rent Or Not To Rent



Leah is a young renter from Bristol who would like to buy a house, but can't afford it. Getting on the property ladder in the UK is, as we know, becoming harder than ever for the younger generation. Even though the rental market is growing, young people are struggling with high rents, insecure tenancies, and often poor quality housing. Added to that, come the psychological and social pressures of not owning your own home.

Meanwhile Germany is often held up as a model for renting where, for decades, it's been easy, socially acceptable, and common to rent even for long periods of time. Leah travels to Berlin, where many people rent their homes. She meets her counterparts and compares the legal, social, psychological, economic and emotional realities of life when you rent, and when there is little peer or parental pressure of 'when are you going to buy?'

Producer: Beth O'Dea.