To Encourage The Others



By Sean O'Brien

A tense political thriller set in the near future.

When a unit of British peace-keeping soldiers is attacked in Afghanistan, all the evidence points to a tragic 'friendly fire' incident.

Yet the Allied Forces seem determined to cover the incident up.

An investigative journalist, Andrew Lincoln, is determined to discover the truth, but sinister forces are at work to stop him.

Multiple award winning poet, Sean O'Brien has recently written for both the RSC (Keepers of the Flame, starring Alan Howard) and the National Theatre (a new version of Euripides' The Birds).

Michael Fisher....Andrew Lincoln

Caroline Devereux....Emma Cunniffe

Major Overath/Harry....Russell Dixon

James Brearley....David Fleeshman

Col Shaw/James Blackwood/Morgan/Emerson....Jonathan Keeble

Janice....Kate Ford

Drummond....Trevor Fox

Tim Bennet....Robert Pickavance

Sgt Cooper/McCracken....Thomas Lappin

Directed by Jim Pyser.