Tippett Night

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200512012005 is the centenary of the birth of Michael Tippett.|Hailed during his lifetime as one of the great composers of the 20th Century, his reputation has declined somewhat since his death in 1998.|Presenter Sarah Walker and her studio guests - composer Anthony Payne and Professor of English at Oxford Valentine Cunningham - reassess the man, his work and his musical legacy.|With contributions from many people who knew and worked with Tippett, including his biographer Ian Kemp.|Includes:|7.30pm|Tippett's Origins|7.45pm|Tippett: Concerto for Double String Orchestra|Moscow and Bath Festival Chamber Orchestras|Rudolf Barshai (conductor)|8.00pm|Tippett and Politics|8.30pm|Purcell: St Cecilia's Day Ode - Hail, Bright Cecilia (excerpt)|April Cantelo (soprano)|Alfred Deller, Peter Salmon (counter tenors)|Wilfred Brown (tenor)|Maurice Bevan (baritone)|John Frost (bass)|Ambrosian Singers|Kalmar Chamber Orchestra|Michael Tippett (conductor)|8.40pm|Tippett: A Child of Our Time (excerpt)|Faye Robinson (soprano)|Sarah Walker (mezzo soprano)|Jon Garrison (tenor)|John Cheek (bass)|City of Birmingham Symphony Chorus and Orchestra|9.00pm|Performing Tippett|9.35pm|Tippett and Psychology|10.05pm|The Composer as Writer|10.30pm|King Priam (Act II)|10.55pm|Tippett the Radical|11.15pm|Tippett: Symphony No 3 (excerpt)|Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra|Richard Hickox (conductor)|11.30pm|Tippett's Legacy, followed by the Rose Lake (excerpt).