Tina C's Tiny Island Tour



Country star, global activist and icon for peace Tina C is revving up her Winnebago for a prestigious tour of the UK. In Tina C's Tiny Island Tour, the Southern superstar comic creation of the Olivier Award-winning writer and performer Chris Green travels from shore to drizzlin' shore to share her unique brand of gingham flavoured repartee to radio, including songs from her classic album Love Must Have Made Me Deaf, Cos You Used To Whisper and Now You Shout.

Tonight she explores the special relationship between the UK and the US ("that's special as in 'special needs'") and shares her thoughts with Radio 4 listeners.


Country singer and global activist Tina C, the comic creation of Olivier Award winning Christopher Green, promotes her album Not tonight Darlin' I Got a Heartache in Glasgow and traces her tartan 'in this year's shade of off-beige terracotta' in Edinburgh.