Timitar Festival 2009


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Lucy Duran introduces highlights from the 2009 Timitar Festival, held in the Moroccan coastal town of Agadir.

This celebration of Berber culture attracts audiences of more than100,000 in the city's vast central square. With Berber songs from local diva Raissa Aicha Tachinouit, Saharawi music from Rachida Talal and a rare live apperarance by Morocco's biggest star in the Arab world Samira Said.


Presented by Lucy Duran

Produced by Roger Short

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Saturday 5th December, 3:00pm

Highlights from the Timitar Festival, Agadir

Arr. Tachinouite: Mimouna

Raissa Aicha Tachinouite

BBC Recording by Marvin Ware, on location, Agadir, Morocco.

Lucy Duran interviews Raissa Aicha Tachinouite

Arr. Talal: Hassnae ya Lila

Rachida Talal

Lucy Duran interviews Rachida Talal

Arr. Talal: Gowate ya Lila

Arr. Said: Khallini

Samira Said

Lucy Duran interviews Samira Said

Arr. Said: Bladi

Said: Allah, Allah…