The Time Between Two Tides



By Andy Macdonald A play about tradition, change and the clash of cultures in contemporary GLASGOW.

A refugee boy is chased into the River Clyde.

When a local lad leaps in to save him, both are trapped under a wharf building.

In the time that it takes for the tide to change, and for a rescue to be mounted, truths are revealed about the boys, their families and the city in which they live.

Inspired by the life and work of George Parsonage, the current custodian of the GLASGOW Humane Society.

Alan....William Barlow Ann....Kate Dickie Cass....Tony Kearney Bruce Chisholm....Gary Lewis Loan Shark/Operator....Steven McNicoll Saman....Nick Underwood Samira....Wendy Seager Producer/director....Gaynor Macfarlane