Tiger Tales

Chris Gunness presents the series on modern Asian history.


0101United States And The Philippines2002110720030216

Chris Gunness investigates the relationship between the United States and the Philippines.

The US conquered the islands in the 1890s and governed the country for almost 50 years.

0102Japanese Occupation Of Korea2002111420030223

This edition recalls the Japanese occupation of Korea, which began in 1910 and lasted until the end of World War II.

0103Indonesia And The Mass Resettlement Programmes2002112120030302

This edition looks at Indonesia and the mass resettlement programmes which have uprooted millions from their homes.

01LASTThe Royal Family Of Thailand2002112820030309

This edition examines the role of the monarchy in Thailand, one of the region's most sensitive subjects.

0201Indonesia And The 1965 Coup20040517

No-one knows exactly how many people were slaughtered in Indonesia in 1965 - estimates range from hundreds of thousands to over a million.

The attempted coup that sparked this maelstrom of violence laid the foundations of the Suharto dictatorship.

Christopher Gunness travels to Jakarta for the first in a series on contemporary East Asian history.

He meets former political prisoners, military men and the children of the dead, as he uncovers a chilling untold tale of mass murder.


In 1949 the communists finally won the civil war in China, pushing the nationalists off the mainland onto the island of Formosa.

So began fifty-five years of tension across the Taiwan Strait.

The flight of Chiang kai Shek and his KMT forces created a cold war division that still exists today.

It also brought about the longest period of martial law of modern times.

Christopher Gunness travels to Taiwan in the second programme of a series on contemporary east-Asian history.

He meets former KMT soldiers, those who lost family membvrs in Taiwan's "white terror" and the young who are wondering whether they are Chinese or Taiwanese.

And he asks if Taiwan-China tensions will one day lead to all out war.

0203 LASTOkinawa20040531

The battle of Okinawa was the last major land battle fought in the Second World War.

And it was one of the bloodiest, particularly for the people of Okinawa.

It directly preceded the dropping of the atom bombs.

After the war, Okinawa effectively became an American military garrison and was not handed back to the Japanese until the 1970s.

Now the US continues to police half the world from its enormous and controversial bases in Okinawa.

Christopher Gunness travels to Japan's southernmost islands in the final programme of a series on contemporary East Asian history.

He hears from veterans of that battle and from American soldiers today about their presence on Okinawa and from Okinawans themselves who pride themselves on the distinctiveness, but also who have little control over the fate of their islands.