Tickling Tunes - A History Of Comic Song



Roy Hudd investigates the history of comic song.


Love, Smut and a Bit of What You Fancy

Roy features songs relating to the more enjoyable and, to some, less respectable side of life's activities.

Using extracts and interviews, the programme relates how society's changing attitudes have caused the risqué song to alternate between the mainstream and the covert; demonstrates how the course of a relationship can be traced by means of comic singers and reveals some startling discoveries at the British Museum.

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Roy examines the business of transforming serious songs into funny ones, either by means of new lyrics, the imposition of a comic personality or the use of an unlikely context.

Aided by extracts and interviews, the programme also details the rise of comedy talents from within the folk scene, the way in which television shaped the nature of parody during the 1970s and how Neil Innes almost became a Beatle.