Tickets Please

Mark Maier's hilarious new comedy is less an intercity train-journey.

more an emotional roller-coaster! For starters, most of the staff can't square up to the job.

They're suffering the torments of unrequited love - for each other! Ticket-inspector Robin's marriage has fallen apart and in a horribly doomed last ditch scramble he's staking all on Nadine, the restaurant-car chef who is scarcely aware Robin exists.

Nadine is besotted with rogue-ish buffet-car manager Carl who is completely in love with himself.

Robin in turn ignores the forlorn flirtations from dippy trolley-attendant Carol.

Each of the exquisitely funny episodes boasts a torrent of problems and as many anarchic solutions.

Mark Maier - Award winning stand up comedian and writer of previous radio four series including Trapped which ran for ten episodes, Mark has taught improvised comedy (to the likes of Catherine Tate!) and travelled the world performing stand up.

Jeremy Swift's TV credits include THE SMOKING ROOM and VANITY FAIR.