Through The Valley Of Death


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Will Grant looks at the faith that strengthens trafficked people in Mexico.

Los Zetas are one of the most feared criminal cartels in South America their reputation for ruthless violence means they control vast areas of Mexico, corrupting government and police. The trade and trafficking of people is now one of their most lucrative earners, every days hundreds set off from Central America with the intention of making it accross the Rio Grande into America.

But its not just the heat, the vast deserts and unforgiving terrain that stand in their way, Los Zetas and their fellow cartels who control this nomadic trade have also to be navigated.

In the second part of his journey along the route from Mexicos southern border to its northern border with the US, Will Grant meets the people who have suffered at the hands of the gangs, been locked up and tortured and had their faith tested and strengtheend by their experiences.

He meets Christian who tells him he spent two weeks on top of the train know as Las Bestia crossing all of Mexico. only to be kidnapped by Los Zetas. A typical story of life on the road, but as Will finds out, the migrants load is light, they cannot carry many belongings a few clothes and their faith, faith in God and faith that they will be one of he lucky few who reach their destiny and life in the USA, and the more that faith is tested he finds the stronger it becomes.

"Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States”, a quotation often attributed to the former Mexican President, Porfirio Diaz. Nowhere does it feel more apt than in the northern border states, like Coahuila where Heart and Soul hears more stories of the migrants of central America.