Three Women In A Boat Not To Mention The Cat



Following the success of her self-help manual Live Alone and Like It, Marjorie has been asked to write a travel book.

But where to go? And what about Judith and Sylvia? And Frank?

  • bargee....shaun prendergast
  • directed by - Chris Wallis
  • frank....Robert Daws
  • judith....celia imrie
  • marjorie....serena evans
  • sylvia....Haydn Gwynne

  • 0220040413

    Having decided to emulate JK Jerome's three heroes, our heroines are about to embark, if they can only manage the luggage, the cat, and Frank.


    Better late than never, our heroines set off.

    Only to stop almost immediately at Hampton Court.

    Isn't there a jolly little maze there? It'll only take ten minutes.


    And so, at last, our heroines are underway.

    It can't last, can it?

    05 LAST20040416

    Our intrepid oarswomen may yet conquer the water.

    Or there again, they might not.